Pinnacle Peak, AZ

Residence in Pinnacle Peak, AZ for a Wealthy Japanese couple who had a son in a school not far from Phoenix, Arizona.The husband was an heir to a large lumber enterprise which explorted to the American west coast.

He was also the director of a contemporary art museum in Tokyo.

The house is 3,200 Sqft


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The house was planned around a central garden court, covered with wood .

The approach had two aspects.

Being built in the arid desert of Arizona, it needed to express a sense of a western environment.

However, having some recognition of Japanese aesthetic was a part of the thought process.

The main material is slump block in a desert color. Roof tile was in the same family of color.

Another exposed material was red wood.

In the heat of the desert, the temperature of the court is ten degrees cooler than outside.








The interior was articulated with high quality wood configurated in a manner sympathetic to Japanese sense of environment.